• Testimonials

    At Kindred Transitional Care and Rehabilitation – LakeMed, our hard work and efforts are rewarded daily by the patients and residents we serve. Not only are we thanked in person on a regular basis, we receive countless letters, poems and artwork showing appreciation. This is an example of what we receive. To read more letters, please contact the admissions director.

    "Do you ever think of all that you give?
    To the many who come to you for hope.
    Some lives are filled with despair and pain
    And you are there to teach them how to cope.

    To find ways to train their bodies again
    And in some ways to rebuild a new life.
    It is never easy to learn new ways
    And overcome times of failure and strife.

    Your gift of strength, a shoulder to lean on,
    The little hits and plans to look ahead.
    There are times when it is hard to go on
    But go to the prize, be a winner instead.

    You are a torch bearer, angels unaware,
    Creating new hope, new goals, new dreams too.
    Always know you are truly a treasure,
    A gift beyond praise, believe me, it true."

    Just a little poem to express my deep thanks for all that you worked so hard to do, to help me be able to live again as best I can! I will never ever forget your spirit, humor and inspiration. Today, tomorrow and forever you will be the candle that gives light in the darkness of despair. God Bless You all from my Heart!
    -- Ruth, Patient at LakeMed

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